Be kind to this world. Recycle your jeans.

We believe you can only enjoy life when next generations can enjoy this world too. You can make impact by purchasing the most sustainable jeans and recycle them when worn down.

circular economy
Wondering what the jeans of the world’s first circular denim brand look like? Check our essentials.

We care about our impact on the earth. It literally guides every decisions that we make.

  • “The idea was to make high quality jeans available to everybody,
    said Bert van Son. We promise to recycle the used jeans.”

    Wall Street Journal
  • “Why not stay the owner of the jeans and let people use the jeans,
    rather than owning them?”

    Fast Company
  • “Mud recycles materials – all while helping customers express their unique values
    and style as part of a larger share economy.”

    Huffington Post
  • “Mud Jeans is pioneering a lease model for its organic jeans,
    to ensure raw materials supply and discover new business models.”

    Ellen Mac Arthur Foundation
  • “Mud Jeans is turning the circular economy into
    a brand building experience for consumers.”

    The Guardian

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