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Green is the new black

Sustainable travel through Asia

Two French ladies in pursuit of ethical fashion 

– Meet Lea and Mathilde 

Two young French girls, determined to change the fashion industry for the better. Starting the project ‘Greenisthenewblack’ with the goal to make fashion professionals aware of the sustainable alternatives to fast fashion they decided to start their sustainable travels in the world’s clothing production epicentre – Asia. They are currently on their trip meeting 20 inspiring entrepreneurs that offer them a glimpse into the ethical fashion world in Asia. In a small chat they shared some of their experiences with us and tell us what the future holds in stock for them.

– What where you looking for when selecting entrepreneurs to meet? 

We wanted to meet entrepreneurs who are ethical in both, a social and environmental way. On one hand we focused on entrepreneurs that are zero waste, find innovative techniques to produce in a sustainable way or use natural materials and dyes as Asia is very rich in traditional raw materials like silk & cotton. On the other hand we were looking for entrepreneurs who resolve social problems through preserving a cultural craft or heritage or giving market access to communities that are being left out. Most of the people we meet have the promotion of traditional crafts and handmade production in their countries at heart. We want entrepreneurs who are part of the slow fashion movement and who believe that sustainable fashion is undeniably the future.

– What was the most inspiring moment?

The most inspiring moment so far was when we met Lukkaew, the founder of Folk Charm, a brand promoting Thai crafts by producing fashion made from organic cotton, coloured with natural dyes. Lukkaew introduced us to Thaï traditions such as hand-spinning, hand-weaving and natural dying with plants and leaves for brown, red, orange colors or indigo. We were so impressed by the fact that she had her background neither in business nor in fashion. She is only driven by her passion for craft and will to help those communities. We were also taken by her very peaceful studio just as you imagine it in Asian countries. We didn’t expect to meet an entrepreneur that was so complete in her engagement and mission: there is nothing left to chance, everything is well thought through. Hearing her talk about the work she is doing for the craftswomen was a lesson of humility.

– If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?

Is it too obvious to say the fashion industry?
We would like that people realize the beauty and complexity of nature and to limit the damages we are causing by keeping in mind the small actions that can be done: “buying less but better” is one of them.

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Dit is een goede gids

Review & give away of

the newest addition to our coffee table 

– A new book on the shelf

Recently we have purchased a new book for the coffee corner of our office. It is a guide to a more sustainable lifestyle. The book goes beyond sustainable fashion, touching on subjects such as cosmetics, food, travel and much more. We feel like we have to share this book with you guys as it is full of tips and tricks which makes sustainable living easy, fun and achievable. “Dit is een goede gids” is written by Marieke Eyskoot. Translated, the title literally means “this is a good guide”, which says enough. Unfortunately, today no English version is available yet. For those non-dutchies out there, we would say this is the perfect opportunity to learn a new language.

– Marieke Who?

Marieke Eyskoot is a sustainable fashion and lifestyle expert, speaker & enthusiast. She puts sustainable living on the map. On the side she is also a consultant for brands, stores and companies who want to become more sustainable. So definitely our kind of woman. And it seems that a lot of people agree with us on this, in 2010 the Dutch newspaper Het Parool nominated her as Amsterdammer of the year. “Dit is een goede gids” is her second book after “Talking Dress”.

– This is a good guide

After reading the book, we can agree that it is worthy of its title and a perfect guide for those who want to live a more sustainable & conscious life. Especially for those that don’t know where to begin. It points out that sustainability is now more important, and fun, than ever. Her book also highlights a lot of aesthetical & ethical brands which do well against more commercial and often harmful brands. And of course, MUD Jeans is one of them. Marieke Eyskoot believes that aesthetics is an effective way to promote sustainability and we completely agree with her. She motivates consumers to think in the long term about spending money instead of short term.

– Walk the talk

We are all about spreading the sustainability message & love. That is why we are giving one “Dit is een goede gids” from Marieke Eyskoot away. The lucky winner will receive their own personal guide for a more sustainable lifestyle. You can participate in the give-away by filling in this form. Good luck to all of you.