Cotton growth

 Fast fashion is  the clothing  equivalent of  fast food 

– First things first. It all starts with cotton growth. Cotton has the nickname ‘a dirty crop’. Just 2.4% of the world cultivated land is planted with cotton, yet it accounts for 24% of the world’s insecticide market and 11% of sale of global pesticides. Therefore it is the most pesticide-intensive crop grown on the planet.

All MUD Jeans contain post-consumer recycled denim and organic cotton. Current recycling techniques cause fibres to lose strength, and therefore limit jeans to containing 40% recycled content. However, MUD Jeans aims to design jeans made of 100% recycled denim.

It’s our goal to use the type of cotton that has the least impact on the environment and allows farmers to have a living wage. Ultimately we strive to use recycled cotton only for obvious reasons – to reach this we are working with several partners on techniques that enable us to increase the use of recycled cotton in our jeans and knits.

Until we reach our goal to make jeans out of 100% recycled cotton we still blend the recycled cotton with organic cotton. All the organic cotton used in our jeans is ECOCERT certified. The post-consumer recycled cotton used in our jeans is GRS certified. On average our jeans contain between 60-75% organic ECOCERT cotton. 

“Fashion is the largest industry for water consumption, sustainability is crucial.”