Fair factories

“We want our workers to be happy people.”

Traditionally sourcing strategies are subject to the search of the lowest possible manufacturing costs. Unfortunately this is often at the cost of the employees in the factories. To clarify: bad working conditions and low wages are the results of brands, retailers and also consumers looking for the lowest price. We are consciously sourcing our goods in nearby factories. We are able to visit the factory frequently. And we have the same mindset as the factory owners; transparency – fair wages – good working conditions are at the top of our list. The Fair Wear Foundation audited Yousstex International and helped improve the standards at our partner factory. The factory and MUD Jeans both have the philosophy that we want to be totally transparent. There are definitely points for improvement, but by sharing our challenges we can better take them on (with input from others if needed). And besides that others can learn from it as well. Read the Audit Report here.

We want to work towards a situation where we can guarantee above average living wages for the workers in the factories we work with. And we are proud to state that working conditions and -hours are well taken care off at our manufacturing partners.

For 2016 we have monitored 88% of our production facilities (Stanley&Stella and Yousstex International). In 2017 this figure goes past 90%

With over 80% of sales being in jeans we have strategically decided to work with one garment manufacturer only, which also has its in house laundry. Yousstex International produces 100% of our jeans. In that way MUD Jeans creates a true partnership and slowly but surely gets leverage with Yousstex International. You can access our Supplier Code of Conduct here