Our aim is a pair of jeans made from 100% recycled denim 

– Fast fashion encourages consumers to purchase un-needed clothes at rapid rate.  

Around 30% of garments in wardrobes aren’t worn for a year. In fact it is estimated that the average person throws away 32 kg (70 pounds) of clothing per year. That adds up to 1,7 billion kg (3.8 billion pounds) of unnecessary waste added to our landfills. Clothing and household textiles currently make up 5.2% of the waste in landfills. (source: SMART: Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles).

Recycle materials

The starting point of our designs is recycling. The fabrics we use contain at least 98% cotton, we don’t use leather labels but printed logo’s and on our knits we use buttons made out of recycled cotton. No polybags are used in our packing and hangtags are made out of recycled paper. We reuse the fabrics and make them useful again. That’s why worn out jeans are sent to factories in Spain or Italy. Here the jeans are shredded and mixed with new organic cotton. A new spun yarn containing recycled denim is born out of which new products are manufactured. An added value is that this circular process promotes job creation in the fields of recycling and remanufacturing (Ellen MacArthur Foundation).

“Our objective in this regard: create the ‘cradle to cradle’ jeans on a scale that is commercially and aesthetically feasible.”