Washing techniques

 We don’t wash  our jeans. We prefer innovative techniques 

– Laser

Treatment of the jeans by laser is replacing the conventional use of sandpaper and potassium permanganate.  Sandpaper is used to brush the surface of the fabric and basically ‘open up the yarns’ to make the white base of the yarns visible. This will only become apparent after applying the chemical substance of potassium permanganate.  By the use of laser we basically burn of the surface (and consequently part of the indigo dye stuff) of the yarns. The white, worn effect, will become more apparent after applying Ozone to it. With this process we eliminate though manual labour and the use of harmful substances. Also, the jeans will be stronger because the yarns are less damaged by the manual brushing.

– Ozone

Oxygen (O2) is converted to ozone gas (O3), jeans are dampened, exposed to the ozone, and rinsed; the ozone is reconverted to ordinary oxygen before release into the environment. While chemical bleaching or stonewashing uses six to seven washes and rinses, ozone finishing requires two to three.

Ozone finishing reduces energy consumption. Because it reduces the amount of water that must be heated for wet finishing and the temperature required. Furthermore, replacing some traditional finishing with ozone reduces effluent, including the sludge pumice stones create.

Ozone bleaches more quickly than chemicals and stonewashing. Ozone can clean back stains in three seconds. At optimum concentrations, it bleaches denim in 15 minutes to levels commonly desired by fashion today, versus 30 to 45 minutes with traditional methods.

“Our goals are already achieved in some of our products: use of only laser and ozone and no hand-brushing and chemicals.”