Water & CO2

“Producing one pair of jeans takes 8.000 liters of water, yikes.”

Recycled cotton typically saves 40% of water, also uses no pesticides or insecticides and eliminates landfill by disposed garments.

Several sustainability reports have been published in which the water consumption per jeans in conventional production has been measured. Generally the figure is between 7.000 and 8.000 liters per pair of jeans. In terms of greenhouse gasses the figure is typically 23,5 KG of CO2 per pair of jeans. Together with BlueDot we have conducted a study in which we analyzed our production process from cotton to jeans. The results are very encouraging.

These results are achieved through our mill partners who recycle 85% of their water and produce zero wastewater. Also our partner in garment manufacturing and laundering in Tunisia (Yousstex International) largely contributes by recycling up to 95% of the water consumed. This in combination with latest washing techniques such as laser, ozone and Jeanologia’s E-Flow. For example our denims in DAVEBLACKOD have not been touched by any chemicals at all; the worn in effect is achieved by a combination of laser, ozone and stonewash. 

We also engage in a carbon offsetting program in order to further decrease our environmental impact, find our more here