Seasonless by nature

Denim was invented as workwear to be worn each and every day, all year round. Geared to be protective, comfortable and durable, seasons just don’t fit into the denim calendar.

Favourites never go out of fashion

– neither do our jeans

Everyone has it, everyone loves it and no one wants to live without it. That favourite pair of jeans that follows you on all your adventures, that you can wear on any occasion at any time of year. That pair of jeans that makes you feel at home no matter where you are at that point. Once those jeans are worn out we’ll recycle them for you and you can get your favourite fit again in our Online shop.

Slow and steady wins the race

Seasons prescribe a rhythm of newness and put pressure on suppliers. A seasonless collection means a steady flow of work for our suppliers and takes away the stress caused by short deadlines related to seasons. We’re glad to see some big players like Gucci join the ‘new trend’ of seasonless fashion.