MUD Jeans Is Awarded 'Best for the world' B Corp

MUD Jeans Is Awarded 'Best for the world' B Corp
Out of 4000 certified B Corporations worldwide, MUD Jeans is among the 5% B Corps with the highest score in environmental performance.

In 2020 MUD Jeans completed its B Corp recertification with a whapping 124.7 points. We have since been by B Corp as one of the 'Best for the world' under the category of environment. This recognition is given to companies that are leading the way towards a more sustainable and regenerative planet by putting their impact on the air, climate, water, land and biodiversity first in their business practices. With this award MUD Jeans is recognized as a brand with the highiest verified score in the environment, and as such a global top 5%.

MUD Jeans is the Best of the Best 

Within the category of environment, brands are grouped dependent on their company size and rewarded as 'the global top 5% in their corresponding size group'. MUD Jeans however has the highest score out of all companies of all sizes in this category, making us the best of the best. With an environment score of 74.1 MUD Jeans has the highest score, while all other brands range between 60-40 points. 

Actions speak louder than words


MUD Jeans was able to achieve this score due to its action driven performance. As a circular business, one first big step is taking responsibility over our own waste. By collecting our old jeans to make new jeans we ensure that our materials are valued and don't end up in a landfill or incinerated causing further environmental impact. We make circular material decisions, and only work with suppliers that match our social and environmental standards. The cherry on the Sunday is our LCA. Anually we measure our impact. With these values we report against our goals, strategize, and set new targets. This approach keep us focused on continuous improvement. Thanks to all of this, we know that our MUD Jeans consume 93% less water, 74% less CO2, and 51% less biodiversity than industry standard.

We are beyond happy for being recognized as one of the Best for the world B Corps in 2021 ! Let's keep going !


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