Our Year In Review

Our Year In Review
The year 2021 is almost over and most of us are hoping for better news in the upcoming year. Nevertheless, our team was able to achieve great things and we want to take the time to celebrate these. Interested? Hop on our 2021 timeline with us, as we take you through our highlights of every month.


January - Kicking off R100

Road to 100 text over an image of a factory worker from Yousstex International

With a new year, we started a new round of our Road to 100 project. In January, we sat down with our colleagues from Saxxion University to plan out the new objectives and steps to reach the final phase of the project; the sample of the first jeans in the world made from 100% post-consumer recycled cotton. 



February - Circular Masterclass

A promotional image of the circular masterclass with MUD Jeans, AMS, and Circle Economy

Circularity is all around us and we wanted to share more information with our followers and customers about how easy it is to incorporate it into our everyday lives. With that objective, we set up this fantastic master class with our lovely friends from AMS and Circle Economy. The most special thing from this class was the hands-on interaction from all those that participated! 



March - Undyed Denim Collection

A man and woman dressed in MUD Jeans Undyed Denim Collection

We created the world's most sustainable jeans by skipping the dyeing and washing process in production. Two steps that hold significant responsibility are large levels of water and CO2 consumption, no matter how sustainable you are. We love this collection for its unique color and for showing that things can be done differently.



April - IKEA Circular Denim Cover

The IKEA KLIPPAN sofa in a circular denim cover by MUD Jeans

In April, we proudly launched the IKEA KLIPPAN Collaboration. We took the iconic Klippan sofa cover and made it out of circular denim. Today, these can be purchased in IKEA in two shades. This collaboration was unique, as it represented the value of sharing knowledge and the importance of driving circularity.



May - Anouk Yve Collection


Anouk Yve dressed in a black Simplechique MUD Jeans


We teamed up with style icon Anouk Yve to create the perfect straight fit. To produce these jeans, we used organic bleach and our dry indigo method, a type of foam dyeing, which uses no water and hardly any chemicals. For us, this collaboration was a perfect example to show that chique and sustainable don't clash.



June - Filming Episode 1 of R100


Dion Vijgeboom and Laura Vicaria of MUD Jeans in an interview on their Road to 100 project

Lights, Camera, Action! In June we filmed the first section of our Journey with the Road to 100 story. Stay tuned, we will share this with you  shortly!



July - B Corp Best for the World

MUD Jean's award for B Corp Best for the World in Environment in the Benelux area

There are many B Corps out there, but none of them have the same score in environment as us! MUD Jeans has the highest score in environment across the entire Benelux area. This is why, in July, we were awarded Best for the world by the B Corp community.



August - Sharing Our Impact Report

MUD Jeans Sustainability Report 2020 with a woman at the beach dressed in denim in the background

Every year, we publish our sustainability report, to share the details of the work that we are doing and to transparently review our progress on our goals. Call us geeks, but this year we were particularly proud of being the only denim brand in the world to measure Biodiversity.



September - Conscious Festival & Coolest Dutch Brand Finals


The banner for the Conscious Festival and the Coolest Dutch Brands award

Two great things happened for us in September! For one, we had a blast at the Conscious Festival in Paris, which is an educational festival focused on sustainability within fashion, beauty, travel, energy, and more. In addition, we were nominated for the Coolest Dutch Brands award. This award focused on sustainable & cool Dutch brands and we were honored to reach the finale!



October - COP Ness Monster

In time for COP26, Messy, the COP Ness Monster, was unveiled in London. We teamed up with WaterBear and artist Billie Achilleos to create this five metre long sustainably built sculpture shaped like the iconic Loch Ness monster. To create this monster, 800 old pairs of jeans were used. She remains living proof that, unlike the Loch Ness Monster, the benefits of a circular economy for our planet are certainly not a hoax.



November - Blue Friday

Blue Friday


Once again, we turned Black Friday blue! While this day is usually characterized by overconsumption, we wanted to take a stand and ask our customers to #BuyNothingNew. We closed down our online shop and sold our vintage jeans instead, giving our customers an opportunity to consume responsibly. On this day, our team advised customers on their perfect fit through a live stream.



December - Christmas Team Event


Like every year, we organised a Christmas team event this month, celebrating with those that live in and around Laren. After enjoying a delicious vegan lunch at De Groene Afslag, the team was surprised with a food for skin gift, made from upcycled natural ingredients. Finally, we took a private tour through the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.




To end this year, we want to thank all of you for supporting us. Thank you for helping us show that a circular lifestyle is not only good for the planet but can also look and feel good. We look forward to many more great things in 2022! 

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