It’s Fashion Revolution Week, Take A Look At Our Factory

It’s Fashion Revolution Week, Take A Look At Our Factory

Fashion Revolution Week is around the corner, and at MUD Jeans we are a proud to be strong supporters! For MUD Jeans, Fashion Revolution Week is not just a one time a year event, our entire strategy is centered around revolutionizing the fashion industry. In this article I will tell you how, but first things first, what exactly is Fashion Revolution Week?

Fashion Revolution MUD Jeans

Where it started

Fashion Revolution Week started as a movement for stronger transparency and safety of garment workers as a result of the tragic Rana Plaza factory collapse in 2013, a tragedy that saw the lives of many. In the wake of this tragedy, it became apparent many brands were not in fact aware their clothing was even being made there. Fashion Revolution Week wants to turn this disaster into fuel for good action from the fashion industry, calling for more transparency in supply chains, both in terms of working conditions and environmental impacts.

Fashion Revolution Week MUD Jeans



At MUD Jeans we take the responsibility of transparency to heart. We foster full transparency of our entire supply chain, and have consciously selected only three main supply chain partners; Recover, Tejidos Royo, and Yousstex International. These suppliers share our values in people and the planet. With a short supply chain and regular factory visits we are able to build strong relationships and have greater control and overview on the making of our jeans.


Fashion Revolution MUD Jeans

Continuous learning

The most recent factory visit, this March, taught us some new things about life in the factory. Our partner Yousstex International recently opened courses that their apprentices can take. These are courses in language, maths, and textile practical studies, and upon completing these courses the students receive a professional qualification diploma. This facilitates not only learning but creates bigger opportunities to grow in their field. Furthermore, Yousstex International recently invested in new buses that bring all employees home at 16:00, after a day at work in the factory.

Fashion Revolution MUD Jeans Factory

Our Impact

At MUD Jeans we believe human rights and the rights of nature are interconnected. That’s why we produce our jeans using zero toxic chemicals and state-of-the-art facilities with minimal environmental impact. This means we on average have 92% lower water impact, 70% lower CO2 impact, and 47% lower biodiversity impact than industry standard. Through our collaboration with One Carbon World we became carbon positive in 2020. By partnering up with Justdiggit and restoring a tree per jeans that we get sent back for recycling, we aim to again be carbon positive in 2021.

Fashion Revolution Week MUD Jeans Factory

At MUD Jeans we thrive on continuous improvements in our supply chain and environmental impact and will keep working hard in order to revolutionize the fashion industry. Making it a fair and circular industry.

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