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Credit the heroes

It’s time to pay tribute to the faces behind the seam, the denim experts working in the factory and crafting our denim with care and love. We tend to forget about the people behind the products we wear on a daily basis, that’s why we’d like you to meet some of them, here their stories and remember, there are real people, with real lives and real stories behind your garments.

Meet Monsieur Habib,
Founder of
Yousstex International
Meet Ibtissem,
Chemistry Technician at
Yousstex International
Meet Chakib,
Fabric Cutter at
Yousstex International
Meet Henda,
Seamstress at
Yousstex International

 Factory of the future, smiling faces and mediterranean vibes.

Unlike most garment facilities Youstex is situated in a rather rural area – when driving to the factory you pass fields full of olives trees, villages and small towns. When entering the compound the first impression is somewhat Mediterranean with the white walls and sky blue doors and roofings. Being only two stories high adds to the pleasant atmosphere. Not to be missed are the many Yousstex busses that provide free transport to all workers. 

Back at the office,  lunch Inside the factory the sewing lines and cutting room are all connected and the typical sound of sewing machines welcomes you. People are at ease, helped by the climate control inside. Newly constructed are the laundry and finishing sections. Especially the laundry department is a very high-tech area; laser and ozone equipment combined with the water recycling plant make you feel like you’re in the factory of the future.

Quick facts, look at that woman power. 









3 weeks

Yousstex stitches and washes our jeans. The fabrics which we have selected for our jeans are shipped from Spain and Turkey to Tunisia. The fabrics are cut in to pattern parts and from there the craftsmanship begins. The highly experienced women stitch the panels together with greatest precision.

After this the pants are moved to the laundry department where they undergo treatments mainly by laser and ozone. The final stage is checking if all the quality standards are met in terms of measurement, appearance and strength after which the goods are labelled, packed and shipped. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well it’s not!

Mr. Habib is originally from Tunis, the capital of Tunisia. In his early twenties he worked in the tourism industry and even shortly as an actor. His career in denim started shortly after when doing business in the – back in those days – famous garment industry in Paris. After some years Mr. Habib concluded that he would be best of starting his own factory which he did. Each morning Mr. Habib leaves his house in Port el Kantaoui at 6AM and arrives together with the employees at 7 at the factory. Afternoons at 4 PM he leaves at the same time as the others.

Sustainability is an important topic for Mr. Habib. He believes sustainability is the future and that it is everyone’s responsibility to leave the planet well for next generations. This is why he established a new washing and dyeing unit in the factory using the latest technology. It is now possible for him to recycle 90% of the water used in the laundry and during the washing process

laser and ozone machines are used which reduce the water usage by 75% and in some cases also reduce the use of chemicals to zero. Furthermore, Mr. Habib is very committed to Tunisia. He stays loyal to the country despite the unstable and difficult times in Tunisia at the moment. After the revolution he invested heavily in the factory to ensure the employees could keep their jobs.

What no-one knew before is that Mr. Habib is a licensed pharmacist so all employees enjoy complimentary medicine if needed.