Meet the team

Meet the team

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We are an energetic crowd with a shared aim of creating a change in the fashion industry; you could hypothetically call us idealists. But we do make things happen. Our spacious office is based in Almere, the Netherlands and our team varies from young to old. We pride ourselves of having a team composed of people coming from various backgrounds and a multitude of countries. We have different point of views and that’s when it gets interesting. The thing that bonds us is that we are all willing to achieve great things together. And we proudly are a B Corp. B Corps are a new type of company that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. Get to know us!

Bert van Son

Bert van Son, born in Canada, worked in the fashion industry in Asia and Europe for almost thirty years before founding MUD Jeans in 2012. He realised that there is more to this industry than glamour. He has seen that life for factory workers is extremely demanding and it makes great demands of nature. Together with his team, Bert transformed MUD Jeans into an exemplary company consistently putting the principles of the circular economy into practice. Sharing the circular story of MUD Jeans in front of large audiences is second-nature to him. He believes that having fun without destroying the earth and its resources is possible. That’s when you live life to its fullest. Bert enjoys catamaran-sailing, either a hardcore 'Rondje Texel' or on a relaxed Sunday with his daughter on the North Sea.

Danique Gunning

Danique first came in touch with MUD Jeans when she saw a talk from Bert van Son in Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam. When hearing the Lease A Jeans concept she was immediately hooked and left her colleagues at the advertising agency for an adventure in the sharing-economy while starting a course at Hyper Island, a Digital Creative Business School. Building a brand that has a really engaged community makes her super proud. People mostly think that MUD Jeans is a big company whereas in fact we are just a small team. She loves working with influencers and meeting up with other inspiring B Corporations and brainstorm about collaborations. She enjoys music festival a lot and can’t wait to take her little daughter on a backpack trip.


Dion is the backbone of the Design, Operations and Production part at MUD Jeans. With over ten years experience in the denim industry and four years work at a denim factory in Sri Lanka, he gained a broad knowledge of the many innovative ways to produce denim. After reading the book ‘Abundance’ by Peter Diamand he knew that he wanted to make a change in this world. Dion is often on trips visiting our jeans factory Yousstex International and denim mills but is always excited to be back and work with the young and international talents in our team. It makes Dion proud to reach the the targets that we have set: proving to the world that building a circular denim brand that reduces as much as possible on water and chemicals is possible.


Some people always seem prepared for a nice chat. Petra is one of them. Together with Dion (oh yes it’s an office affaire) she lived in Sri Lanka and worked in the travel industry. Right now we sell in 300 stores worldwide and Petra is the one building relationships with all these Retailers worldwide. She is always in for adventures and has two daughters who grow their own veggies and are fanatic at sports. Working for a company that she supports with the full 100% super gives so much joy. Doing what you believe in: guilt-free, transparent and circular. Petra finds is motivating to work with inspiring people from all over the world that have the same vision and speak the same 'MUD language'. Overcoming challenges and being flexible as a team makes her smile.


Miss Belgium studied Business Engineering in Antwerp with an exchange to Montreal. She has always been interested in fashion, as an extrovert person she always liked to express herself through clothing. Back in the days she used to buy a lot until she got introduced to the world of sustainable entrepreneurship. The combination of sustainability and fashion was spot on. The idea that she can have influence by changing her own purchase behaviour makes her tick. Eva works on life cycle assessments and is motivated to get all the details from deep down in the supply chain. She loves the energy and the smell of fresh baked bread at MUD, we of course love her Belgium accent. Eva is a podcast addict, who combines exploring the bustling Amsterdam and relaxing in her Antwerp family garden.


Victor is a French garçon who studied Business Management in Lille for which he spent his last year in Denmark. His interest in sustainable living was inspired by his former girlfriend. He became familiar with the zero-waste lifestyle and composted his old food. He has always had a feel for textiles and liked to shop with his mom. As an intern at the digital marketing team at Petit Bateau Victor learned how important customer care is and how every detail counts. While he handles our livechat with a French twist he finds it thrilling to be in contact with all those customers who love what MUD Jeans stands for. This summer Victor goes trail running in Denmark. Oh, he often surprises us with homemade baked cakes.


From a little kid playing in the mountains in Tirol to an AMFI graduate. Growing up in surrounded by nature must have given Nina a creativity boost that made her thrive at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy. As a teenager she loved how fashion could make you feel different and now he loves how fashion can make the world different. She started as an intern at MUD and she luckily never went away. From ideas for Press Releases to campaign ideas, Nina is the perfect brainstorm companion. She loves to work for a company that has a bigger purpose then just making fashion. We are always impressed by her many yoga practices and love how she even stays calm in the most chaotic situations.


During her studies International Business Administration the German Linda learned about the Rana Plaza disaster and couldn’t believe what happened. She wanting to change something. First herself. So she started to question things, watched The True Cost and started doing small things, such as organising clothing swap parties. She had always been a vegetarian. And now searched for more meaning in her job to combine sustainable living and working. When celebrating her graduation at the Lowlands festival things speeded up. She met MUD Jeans and a few weeks later moved to the Netherlands where she introduced our plastic-free lunch and continues smiling and dancing around the beach in Blijburg.

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