MUD Method

Your circular journey starts here

A circular economy seeks to move beyond fashion’s

linear model of take, make and waste to close the loop!

Why the fashion industry has to change

Thanks to fast fashion’s linear model of take, make and waste, the fashion industry earned itself the award of the second biggest polluter of our planet, only beaten by the oil industry. But don’t worry, there’s an alternative: the circular economy.
Fact 1
140 million kilo’s of clothing is burned each year
Fact 2
It takes an average of 8.000 litres of water to produce one pair of jeans
Fact 3
50 per cent of fast fashion pieces are disposed of within a year
Fact 4
We consume 400 per cent more clothing today versus 20 years ago
Fact 5
The average garment is only worn seven times before it gets thrown out
Fact 6
Around 5% of total CO2 emissions come from the fashion industry
Fact 7
Cotton accounts for 35% of the world’s insecticide and pesticide use
MUD Jeans circular loop

We can do something about it

The circular economy closes the loop by designing out waste and minimising environmental impacts. Sounds abstract? Simply start your sustainable journey with day to day changes like purchasing circular denim and become the sustainable champ you set out to be. 
MUD Jeans circular economy

Circular Economy


By being part of the circular economy you are creating a world where waste will be reused. At the moment, our jeans consist of between 23% – 40% post-consumer recycled denim. The recycling process saves resources but is more expensive than the production of virgin cotton. The reason for that is that we pay the actual costs of our products, rather than taking short cuts on the backs of others or our planet. 

Zero Impact Jeans


We said goodbye to the old and dirty techniques. We eliminated PP spray, use cradle-to-cradle (C2C) indigo dye and our factory recycles 95% of its water through reverse osmosis. Oh, also our papertags are C2C certified. Hence your future jeans won’t leave any ecological footprint but instead help you collect karma points. – You’re welcome.
MUD Jeans fair fashion

Fair Fashion


We learned that if something is surprisingly cheap, someone else, somewhere in the world pays for it. That’s why we keep our supply chain short and count our suppliers as our friends rather than business acquaintances. We are proud to say the denim experts in the factories sew and stitch with a smile on their face and earn living wages. See it for yourself here.

Premium Quality


6 Collections a year? No thank you. Our styles are made to last. By buying our high quality jeans you’re officially entering the Slow Fashion movement which not only means that we don’t throw out our leftovers every two months but also that you’ll be able to buy that perfect pair of jeans you found again and again. Buy less, buy well and make it last!
MUD Jeans lease a jeans

Lease a Jeans


Feel your commitment issues flaring up when shopping? No need to worry, if you’re not ready for the responsibility of full ownership of your jeans, we’ve got your back. Lease our jeans and we stay responsible for the raw materials and promise to deal with them responsibly when you’re done using your denim. It’s simply access over ownership. 

Organic & Vegan 


At MUD Jeans we have a holistic approach to caring. We care about the environment, the people and also the animals of this planet, that’s why our jeans consist of recycled & organic cotton and we use paint instead of leather patches. No animals, plants or people were harmed during the production of our jeans – pinky promise. 

Repair Service


We like to take care of you as much as of our denim, that’s why you can always holler at us on our live chat. We repair your jeans for free in case they tear or a zipper or button and we do monthly educational calls with students to chat about the circular economy, a sustainable lifestyle and the concept behind Lease A Jeans
MUD method collect old jeans

Send Old Jeans


Dig up those unworn jeans out of the back of your closet and send them our way. You’ll get €10,- off your purchase or a month free lease and we’ll recycle them into new, cool denim. Disclaimer: We know your quality standards are as high as ours that’s why the old jeans need to consist of at least 96% cotton so we can keep the materials pure and the quality on point. 

Upcycled Jeans


Wonder what happens to the jeans you send back but are still wearable? They’re given a second life as vintage jeans. We even rescue jeans with little production faults and just like the vintage pairs make them extra cool by customising them. Sign up to our newsletter to keep track of the launch date of this creative project!