IKEA x MUD Jeans

An important part of our mission is to join forces with other businesses to expand our positive impact beyond the fashion industry. That’s why we are excited to partner up with IKEA for a journey towards a circular future. Seeing value in waste is deeply embedded in the DNA of IKEA. “At IKEA, we are transforming into a circular business, using only renewable and recycled materials by 2030, doing everything we can to ensure that materials and products last longer,” says Piotr Jakubiak, Deployment Leader at IKEA. In the scope of our first collaboration we have developed a KLIPPAN sofa cover made of our recycled and organic cotton fabric.

IKEA's path to circularity

According to Malin Nordin, Head of Circular Development, Inter IKEA Group, IKEA wants to grow within the boundaries of the planet. They believe all materials are valuable and should not be wasted. By joining forces, we can work together to secure new sources of recycled materials, and develop products using post-consumer materials such as recycled jeans. By working together, we are exploring ways to minimize waste and reduce our impact on the planet.

'IKEA wants to grow within the
boundaries of the planet.'


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