Who is Justdiggit:

Justdiggit is an international NGO, founded in the Netherlands that believes in nature based solutions to tackle climate change. Their motto is " if we can warm up the earth, we can also cool it down". Their work is focused on regreening dry lands with ancient techniques, modern technology and a strong communication approach. Helping degraded areas return to their green self. They do this by helping forgotten treestumps come back to life. One by one they begin to grow and rebuild the semi-arid area, used for small-scale agriculture and livestock keeping. The results are magnificent! The restored trees help retain water and capture Co2. This has a wonderful positive impact on biodiversity, the climate, agriculture and local communities.

Positive impact:

To drive positive impact MUD Jeans and Justdiggit are collaborating! For every returned pair of old jeans, MUD Jeans will donate the funds needed to re-grow a tree in Dodoma, Tanzania. This is what we call double whammy karma points: more trees, more biodiversity, less Co2, and no wasted jeans.

If we can warm up the earth,
we can also cool it down

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