Circle Economy  

Circle Economy is an Amsterdam based impact driven social enterprise whose mission is to help cities and businesses implement and accelerate circular economy.

7 key principles

Circle Economy introduced 7 key principles for a circular economy: design for the future, prioritise regenerative resources, preserve and extend what is already made, rethink the business model, use waste as a resource, collaborate to create joint value and incorporate digital technology. They believe that these 7 principles, when in order, will able us to live on a planet in which we do not have to compromise in order to achieve economic, social, and environmental prosperity.

To us, BCorps are the next-level companies. Combining profits with treating nature well. Every BCorps is sincerely using business as a force for good.

Road to 100

MUD Jeans is a member of Circle Economy and considers them a valuable partner. We consistently collaborate and participate in the research. Our current most exciting project with Circle Economy is The Road to 100. With their support and that of Recover and Saxxion University, we strive to create a pair of jeans that is 100% made from post-consumer recycled cotton.

Relax Rose


Relax Rose - Corn

Redunn Chino


Redunn Chino - Olive

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