Crunching the numbers

With the help of Ecochain we crunch numbers to understand our impact and make data driven positive change and improvements to our product. Ecochain is an environmental intelligence platform with specialists and software solutions that help companies measure and understand their environmental footprint. They assess the footprint of the product, the company itself and the whole value chain.


As MUD Jeans we find it extremely important to understand and evaluate our performance when it comes to our environmental footprint. Therefore, letting Ecochain measure the entire environmental impact of our company from cotton to end product is something we need in order to substantiate and prove our sustainability strategy and performance. We believe that companies cannot just make claims about making positve impact. But through these types of geniuses, companies can constantly evaluate their performances and push themselves to do better.

Wouldn’t it be cool to see how much CO2 you save with your jeans? That’s why we did some nitty gritty calculations with Ecochain.

Life Cycle Assessment

So, our 2019 Life Cycle Analysis was produced with the support of Ecochain. From here we were able to calculate the water, Co2, land, energy and biodiversity use of every single style in our MUD-collection. As transparency for us is key, we share all this knowledge with you and also use it to set clear impact reduction targets for the future. You can take a look into our Life Cycle Analysis here or read our latest Sustainability Report.

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