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O3 Grey

Materials & care
23% post-consumer recycled cotton, 75% organic cotton, 2% elastane.

This stretch fabric comes from Royo in Valencia, Spain and has weft stretch. The warp contains 23% recycled cotton.

Dipped in a minimal amount of recycled water in order to activate the stretch. Nothing more…

The changing colour of denim is part of the charm of a pair of jeans. To keep it as dark as possible; wash in cold water, wash your jeans inside out, wash in a gentle cycle or hand wash, use detergent specially for dark colours, do not use the dryer, only wash with other dark coloured products.

Made in Tunisia
Our jeans are made in Tunisia, where our colleagues in the factory work together as a family. Meet them here.

Your impact
These jeans contain 23% post-consumer recycled denim. Our recycling partners, Recovertext and mill Royo, are able to combine state of the art technology and craftsmanship to produce our circular denim fabrics.

Our denim is produced with Cradle 2 Cradle certified dye and our jeans are cut with techniques such as E-flow, laser and ozone. These practices allow us to save water, eliminate chemicals and improve the working conditions of factory workers. Geek out on the production of our denim here.

Compared to industry standards, our jeans save up to 5,500 litres of water. Discover all our other sustainable practices here.

We are always looking for innovations that make our jeans more sustainable and circular. You can check our journey towards 100% recycled denim here.

Research has shown that the most environmentally impacting stage of your pair of jeans‘ life is when it is being used. This is the maintenance and cleaning of your garment. Become a conscious user and wash your jeans as little as possible, and always together with a full load!

Vintage-inspirierter Slim Fit. Zum Knöchel hin zulaufend. Mittlere Taille. Reißverschluss. Klassisches Five-Pocket Styling. Mattierte silberfarbene Knöpfe und Nieten.

Stretch Jeans. 23% post-consumer recycelte Baumwolle, 75% biologische Baumwolle, 2% Elastan. Kettfäden enthalten recycelte Baumwolle. Stretch in Schußfäden.


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Tu etwas Gutes mit deinen alten Jeans! Schick uns deine alten MUD Jeans oder Jeans einer anderen Marke (mindestens 96% Baumwolle) und erhalte €10 Rabatt oder einen Monat Leasen geschenkt.Wir recyceln deine alten Jeans und machen neue daraus. Verwende den Repack-Umschlag und das Retourlabel, das du bei deinem Kauf einer neuen Jeans bekommen hast, um deine alten Jeans zurückzuschicken. Diese Option gilt nur für die Niederlande, Belgien und Deutschland. Erfahre hier mehr.