Tejidos Royo

 Royo’s core values 

– Environmenttally-friendly manufacturing is at the core of Royo’s values.

Royo, situated at the sunny outskirts of Valencia, is the place where the dying and weaving of the materials from recycled jeans takes place. Back in May 2016, during the Recycle Tour, we were lucky enough to see the processes and meet the workers ourselves. 

Everyone had a smile on their face and it seemed like there was no such thing as a hierarchy. Workers were greeted and chatted with by managers, followed by heart-warming hugs. A little unusual? Well, since the grand- and great-grandparents of their employees worked there, everyone feels like part of the family. Pretty impressive, right? 


The yarns are dyed using Indigo colour and water. Tejidos Royo uses a purifier that cleans the water used in the dying process.


Special machinery is used to weave the years into one denim cloth.

Quality Control

On numerous points the fabrics are checked for visual defects and undergo very strict tests to guarantee that the final product is free from any hazardous chemicals.

Quick facts, talk about traditions!  









30 days

 José and Ana Royo Foundation 

Further developing social projects. 

Over and above Royo’s pledge to environmental stewardship and as part of their corporate social responsibilities – a commitment to hard work and dedication, training and professional development and support for the needy – Royo Textile also runs the José and Ana Royo Foundation to channel the assistance they provide, and safeguard values that mean the coming generations of Royo Textile employees may feel as proud of Royo as they are of their forebears.

Tejidos Royo offers their customers value-added fabrics, with an ongoing improvement spirit.Their aim is adding value to the brands through research & development processes, with a high level of technical knowledges and trends. Their objective is to help customers get special products in order to go ahead of the market trends.

Royo is one of the oldest companies in Spain with a 4th generation of workers employed in the company.