Why lease a jeans

 Why lease 

 a jeans 

– We introduced a pioneering Lease A Jeans model to ensure we stay the owners of the raw materials and get them back after use.

Lease A Jeans is a formula that keeps in mind the well-being of the earth and its resources. Rumor has it; on average 30% of garments in our closets have not been worn for almost a year. Sounds familiar? Lease A Jeans is a guilt-free solution for conscious people that have a desire for newness. After a year, or, when the jeans are worn out, you can send them back to us and already try out a new pair.

The old ones will be recycled to make new wonderful items. Recycling saves water, resources and waste. We love to hear where you take your jeans. Your adventures create unique MUD stories that live on in our vintage jeans collection.

Thanks to the business model of Lease A Jeans we surround ourselves with a community of forward thinking people. True pioneers, visionaries and changemakers. Together we share the same concerns for our planet and make some change.

“Today we have 3.000 leasers (to create credibility we often get the question, do people actually lease jeans… yes they do)”

– Why should you lease?

You make a statement that you no longer support the current fashion industry and that you are looking for new philosophies & after one year you can switch to a new pair of jeans, then you will only pay the monthly fee of €7,50 & did you know that you can lease 3 jeans on your account, for the 2nd and 3th you only pay the monthly fee of €7,50 (people always say its not cheaper, why should I do it?

 Be part of the movement, get your jeans now 

– In the shop you can click on lease instead of buy, goodluck!

“It feels good, knowing you

are only temporarily using the

materials and send them  back

when you’re not using them

any longer.”