Starting this Earth Day, we are going to use our platform to amplify and shed a light on people and projects commited to doing good for the planet 🌍

Discover real projects by real people, tackling real planet problems ⬇️

The WeTRYBEtter initiative is the pinnacle of the climate fighting NFT game. Where individuals can upload their climate actions and mint their own NFT to sell, creating an “Economy of Good”.

"We are trying to provide both education and the opportunity for everyone to Amplify the Impact of their actions! It is a reminder that no one is too small, no good is wasted good. Good is good, and no action is too small. There are many people that would love to support more climate positive initiatives but either don’t have the money to donate or the time to volunteer themselves. We allow them to be a bigger part of the climate solution, without spending money or commenting valuable time. Just doing the things they are probably already doing, recycling, composting, a meatless meal, eco friendly transportation are all easy examples." - Donny Lewis

Started by Rosalie Roberts, the mission of World Changer Co. is to introduce you to great shopping options that include clothing brands, coffee, chocolate, cosmetics, and more. It's a place for you to learn about our favorite brands to support and our favorite items to shop.

"I try to repeat this often because it’s a different approach on adopting a sustainable lifestyle. I used to not be passionate about sustainable living at all, but I really cared about people. When I learned how pollution affects people’s lives in this very moment, and unjustly affects the oppressed more, I immediately changed my mindset. " - Rosalie Roberts

The Shore is a sustainable surf school and meeting place in Scheveningen, started by Hans. A living room on the beach for surfers, nature lovers and people who like to live honestly and consciously.

"Our community is quite conscious, so we take a challenge in showing others how things can be done. We call it bridging communities. For example, we have a plastic-free terrace, and show others in the catering industry that that is possible. You can combine it all: comfort, saving money and be better for the environment. We like being the frontrunner, and we notice that a shift in the industry is coming, initiated by ’the people’. While years ago people got upset if they didn’t receive a plastic straw, now they get upset if they do get a plastic straw." - Hans van den Broek

Care for everything you wear. An initiative by Agnes Fox, Mended picks up your clothing from your doorstep, so local craftsmen can fix, alter, and clean them for you. Again and again.

"Circularity is like a stone I picked up, looked under and can’t put down anymore. When you begin to think in cycles, you start seeing opportunities everywhere: for me Mended is one of them. A platform that is tied to the belief that there are no truly circular products if they aren’t connected to a system to repair, recover and feed it back into the cycle. I get an absolute kick out of making the ordinary matter and being a teeny-tiny cog in shifting the system. Afterall, we’ve created this linear machine, so we can also un-create it. And if that isn’t the most exciting challenge of our times then I don’t know what is!" - Agnes Fox

Do you have a cool initiative or a project you want to share with us?

Share it with us below and someone from our MUD team will reach out to you for more!

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