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 Be kind to this world. Recycle  your jeans. 

– On a mission

By taking the most popular fashion item in the world, a pair of jeans, MUD Jeans wants to show you how we can put the principles of the circular economy into practice. Our jeans are the perfect combination of organic and recycled denim and timeless design. When worn down, we will give them a second life, cutting down on water and waste.

More than a pair of jeans

Innovative techniques – obviously we are denim geeks and love to research new production methods that are even better for the environment. Our new ‘washes’ get their unique colours through laser and ozone, no water or chemicals have been used.
Fair fashion – this April Team MUD visited Yousstex International, our jeans factory based in Tunisia. While witnessing the making of our denim, we got to understand that this factory really operates as a family, feel the vibe here
Recycled jeans – so, the circular economy is all about recycling! That is why our main objective is to use as much post-consumer recycled cotton as possible. At this point our jeans consist of 23% and some of even 40% post-consumer recycled cotton. 

Organic cotton. No leather labels.

And, above all: the perfect fits. We know our denim.

Skinny  Ha” zen

” Wearing my MUD Jeans feels like I’m doing something good, while keeping my sense of style. “

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– A pair of fair priced jeans that make you feel good