Turning Black Friday Blue

Today’s discount craze often encourages people to buy products they don’t need, solemnly for the sake of not missing out on bargains.

This Black Friday we are increasing our prices by €10, which will go straight to Sea Shepherd. For every purchase made we will donate another €10 to Sea Shepherd.

Our oceans - an ecosystem to fight for

There’s a sea of sales out there. Resisting them can be hard. Along the way we’ll give you some friendly reminders on what’s at stake. Once more we have teamed up with Sea Shepherd to focus on how destructive consumerism impacts our blue planet.

Captain Peter

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Ocean Preservation

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Your Blue Friday Agenda

  • Learn more about sustainability in fashion and the different initiative that are out there with Australian VOGUE’s sustainability editor
  • In Ezra Klein’s latest podcast he sits down Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, a marine biologist. The climate crisis highlights the importance of our ocean to humanity 
  • Get to know the impact and true cost of fashion by watching the documentary The true cost, available on Netflix
  • Learn more about wild salmon and how it is endangered though fish hatcheries and fish farms with Patagonia’s documentary Artifishal
  • During one of their missions at the Atlantic coast of France Sea Shepherd documented the cost of industrial fishing
  • Learn more about the zero-waste lifestyle of Lauren Singer
  • In Drawdown the environmentalist Paul Hawken presents the 100 most efficient solutions to reverse climate change. 
  • In her book Doughnut Economics, Kate Raworth offers a greener, fairer and safer way to think about the global economy.
  • The revolutionary book Cradle to Cradle by Michael Braungart & William McDonough explains how products should be designed so that after their useful life their components can be reused either technically or biologically.
  • De verborgen impact: breaks down our impact on the planet (English version available online).
  • 360 Magazine explains how scientists hope to save coral by growing it in a lab (Dutch). 
  • The Copenhagen Business School has just launched their online courses on sustainable fashion, featuring yours truly
  • Learn more about sustainability in luxury fashion through the online courses from Kering
  • Follow Greta’s footsteps and walk your talk during a Fridays for Future march
  • Or find a workshop near you to make something